• Client
    Weingut Scheuermann
  • Location
    Niederkirchen, Germany
  • Year
  • Assignment


A renowned, family-owned company of winemakers, Familie Scheuermann entrusted us with the design of their labels and print products. Simon and Gabriel, two of the sons, had recently taken the reigns of the business and were looking to distinguish themselves among their peers.

Green and black labels on rough recycling paper represent the base and premium lines of wines.

Beautiful photos were arranged and shot on location in the family vineyards. Photography was done by Melanie Hubach.

We designed a hand-drawn shape that is meant to evoke multiple associations in the viewer – the letter S, representing the Scheuermann family name, the infinity sign, as the symbol for the circle of life in nature and viticulture, elevation contour lines of a map, iconic in the Palatinate Forest.

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