• Client
    Sekthaus Krack
  • Location
    Deidesheim, Germany
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  • Assignment


For our friends at Sekthaus Krack we refined and redesigned the labels and ephemera they had been using since they started their business.

We kept aspects of the original, such as their sign and bold font weight, but carefully tuned it to be slicker and more professional.

Krack Flaschenfoto

Flaschen von vorne

For the "Freundeskreis" line we generate the label graphic algorithmically via a custom-made InDesign plugin. The output is randomized and single bottles are unlikely to be the same.

The story behind it: every circle of friends is unique, so the bottles should be too!

The labels of the main line of sparkling wines were designed with a customized handwritten type, according to the wishes of our customer. It is meant to communicate the nobility of champaign, while staying true and visually similar to the design they had previously used.

For the packaging we use a modified version of the bottle labels, but also add a twist with a special pattern design, derived from the Krack emblem.

This enables the boxes to do double duty as promotion material or even exhibition booth, if stacked in an interesting fashion.

The Langenmorgen label – designed in collaboration with Teresa Lehmann – tells another story that makes the sparkling wines special: interwoven diagrams communicate the harvest year's unique properties, such as hours of sunshine and amount of rainfall. Year over year, the labels will be slightly different, just as the conditions were.

Print materials for purchase and promotion complete the visual identity.

A set of promotional postcards – illustrations by Max Bachmeier – is given out at tastings or added to boxed when orders are sent out.

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