• Client
    Kleingärtnerverein Mannheim
  • Location
    Mannheim, Germany
  • Year
  • Assignment


Our ongoing pro-bono engagement with one of Germany's largest communities of allotment gardens – we lease a garden, but also do community work in form of managing the website.

For this project, we chose Wordpress as the Content Management System in order to be able scale the userbase of the site, should the need arise. Over time, more and more info was added to the different pages of the site.

It has now become a reliable source of information on the association for people interested in a garden lease, or for members looking for current events or rulings.

The design was kept simple and easy to understand. It uses bold colors to guide the site visitors to the information they need and add a lighthearted feel to the material. There is a dark mode, too, though, if you know what we mean.

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