• Client
    Matthias Haslauer
  • Location
    Hamburg, Germany
  • Year
  • URL
  • Assignment


Hamburg-based photographer Matthias Haslauer wanted a website to showcase his work. He had a strong opinion on what it would look like – and also had a designer already! Cooperation ensued …

There were existing designs, when Mr. Haslauer and his designer, Teresa Lehmann, approached us with the task of developing the site.

The site went through a few iterations. Especially the backend went from a simple file-based (and FTP-managed!) PHP project to a more mature – but still file-based! – Kirby CMS site.

In more than 10 years much progress has been made on the front of responsive images and lazy loading huge amounts of photos. The new site is not even 100% live, but will cope a lot better with the heavy lifting.

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