• Client
    Weingut Freitag
  • Location
    Saulheim, Germany
  • Year
  • Assignment


Weingut Freitag is the winery based in Saulheim managed by Philipp Freitag. In recent years he has been specializing in the creation of natural, or "naked" wines.

After some experimentation, we came up with the concept of classic paintings visualizing the "naked" aspect of the wines. We used and modified paintings by François Boucher that are in the public domain. They proved to be an ideal match for the red and white variety of whines, since there were two similar, but not identical motifs.

A third one was added later to complement the Pétillant-Naturel.

Logo illustration

Label detail

Bottles showing the mother-of-pearl foil finish on the logo

In 2020, the labels were redesigned to do away with the previous logo and to freshen up the look. The visual identity remains, but a hand-drawn logo was added. The front and back labels were unified as a single band, divided only by color.

The redesign was also an ideal time to replace the asortment of typefaces that had been used up until that point. Looking for something younger, that would distinguish Freitag from the competition, we chose Magnet, by Inga Plönnigs for Frere-Jones Type.

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