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    Big Band Chamber Concerts
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    Mannheim, Germany
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For this line of Big Band concerts, organized and directed by Jochen Welsch, we played with their claim "große Bands auf kleinem Raum" (big bands, little space), because they are performed on one of the city's smaller venues.

The Logo uses Fit, by DJR, to inform the guests about the narrow quarters the concerts will be performed in on a subconcious level.

While the line of concerts went on hiatus in the 2020/21 season due to the pandemic, they are back in 2022/23 with new entries. We used the fact to allow for a little logo animation, that is meant to feel like the stage lighting up again after having been out of order for a while.


An accompanying line of print materials was designed, mostly mirroring the elements of the website: colorful lines communicating Jazz and music, simple typography and the memorable super-tight logo.

DIN Lang Flyer

DIN Lang Flyer

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